About Us

About Us


Who are we?

We are the Job Mentoring Service (part of English Language Partners Wellington), a team of people dedicated to supporting you towards finding meaningful employment. We help skilled migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds by providing a free mentoring service in Wellington

We are based in Wellington, New Zealand, and we offer our service with funding from the Ministry of Social Development. This means we can provide our service free of charge.

How does the Job Mentoring Service work?

We have a team of trained volunteer mentors who come from a range of different jobs with diverse qualifications and backgrounds, and have experience working in New Zealand.

We will match you with a job mentor, who will be able to provide you with individual (one-to-one) mentoring.

Your mentor will help you with your plan to find work, provide advice and support while you are seeking and applying for jobs, and help address any issues during your job search.

Our service can also help you to develop your CV and cover letter, prepare for interviews, and build your professional network.

As well as supporting you on your way to find paid work, we will help connect you with other services in the community and build your network and relationships.