Workshops for job seekers and job mentors

We support all our job seekers and job mentors (registered with Job Mentoring Service) to come to these workshops, learn something new and meet other people in similar situation.

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All workshops are held in training room Level 5, 186 Willis St.


 Upcoming workshops

“LinkedIn” – Tuesday 27 February, 5.30-7 pm (with Ewa Betkier, digital marketing consultant, currently working at MBIE)

Ewa will teach us how to network on LinkedIn, write a private message to get a job interview and how to make a good first impression with your profile


Workshops in the past

‘How to write a good CV’Thursday 8 February, 5.30 pm (with Emma Hissey from H2R Consulting)

‘Introduction to effective job search’ – Monday 21 August, 5.30 pm (with Jos Kunnen)

‘Cover letters’Tuesday 26 September, 5.30pm (with Emma Hissey, Laura Clavijo and Emre Simtay)

‘Application process’ Tuesday 17 October, 5.30pm (with Sally Homer)

‘It and Recruitment’Tuesday 7 November, 5.30pm (with Karun Shenoy and Lyndon Hawk)