Job Seeker Success  – Ana’s Story



‘When I first came to New Zealand I wanted to stay only for a year but I really started to like New Zealand, its people and culture, so I decided to stay a longer but was only working in hospitality. However I really wanted to work in my field of marketing/business procurement.

Being recommended to the Job Mentoring Service Programme was a blessing or a strike of good luck or planets aligning. It was the best thing that could happen to me because before I had no idea where and how to look for a job, and with the job mentor programme so much help and guidance.

Manna (my job mentor) was absolutely amazing; she had plenty of experience in HR and gave me a whole new direction on my job search. We got together once every 2 weeks and I had to print out jobs that I had found that I liked and do my CV accordingly and a cover letter, and then she gave me tips on how to improve them. This helped me a lot because it made me realise that I was not looking for a job like I used to do it in Mexico, but here in NZ is a very different way which I had no idea.

Manna also helped me before each of my interviews, and we practised with the STAR approach, this was great because II had time to think more about my responses and be more prepared. I interviewed for a procurement administrator at MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) but after not being successful was offered another interview there as a Procurement Analyst, and I finally got the job!

Job mentoring was especially good for me because of the motivation and confidence I received.  After several months of looking your moral gets really damaged and my job mentor, Manna, helped me keep focused and move forward.

I would recommend mentoring to anyone during the difficult process of looking for a job in their field with no NZ experience, because it helps you take a different approach. I really admire job mentors, and think they are very good human beings wanting to help others.  I hope I can be one myself one day and help someone else get a job as well!’


Job Seeker Success  – Mary’s Story

Mary and her husband Gim

Mary and her husband Gim

‘I have a double major in Labour-Management Relations and Sociology from the University of Toronto, Canada and was most recently working for the Singapore Public Service. We decided to relocate to NZ primarily for better work-life balance. I found out about the Job Mentoring Service from my husband, Gim and was very impressed by the help and encouragement given to him by his mentor, Catherine.

My mentor is Lynette who works for a Central Government Agency. She gave me invaluable inputs on searching for a suitable position, and helped me to see things through the eyes of a hiring manager. Lynette was also an excellent source of affirmation and moral support. I found that opting to report my weekly job search efforts to a mentor helped me to focus and to be accountable. I really think that the mentoring process works best when the job seeker takes ownership and drives the efforts.

I am now a Business Services Advisor with the Wellington City Council and continues to meet Lynette every 6 weeks to catch up personally and professionally. We exchange notes about projects that we are currently working on, and she continues to mentor me about the Kiwi corporate culture.

I would most definitely recommend the Job Mentoring Service to all migrants who are seeking employment in unfamiliar territories. Not only do you get excellent advice and feedback on your job search efforts, but you also receive emotional and social support. Having said that, I would also add that it is very important to be connected to the local community so volunteering and doing fun but free stuff like bush tramping do help keep the spirits up.  Last but not least, believe in yourself and always remind yourself why you chose to relocate when the going gets tough.

The job search efforts can be very long drawn and daunting, but if you keep at it something will come up. Get your foot in the door, and more doors will be opened up if you put in the work and prove yourself.’